Nice to meet you...  I'm so pleased you've made it this far!

A few pictures that sum me up... Family, Fun and Photos!

Three simple but important things in my life and exactly what I set out to capture in yours. After all, isn't that what a wedding day is all about; the smiles, the tears and the moments you, your family and your friends won't live down for years!

As long as I can remember I've always loved taking pictures, my biggest problem was getting around to developing them. I finally got around to buying a proper camera and learning how to use it about 6 years ago... I did study photography alongside graphic design at college, but studying is a loose term when you're a young man, let loose at college, and your photography module is on a Friday afternoon, opposite a pub! Suddenly my love for photography was outweighed by my love of fun with my friends.

Fast forward, far too many years, a wife and a son later and i'm taking photos because I enjoy it. I take photos because I enjoy what they are and what they mean. I’ve met some of the nicest people shooting weddings and experienced some truly emotional and memorable moments which offer a totally different perspective on a day that travels at a million miles an hour and is over in a flash.

When you love what you're doing, can you really class it as work? So that's me. Let’s sit down and have a chat. After all, if you want me to share the biggest day of your life, it’s important that you actually like me and not just the galleries of other people’s big days.

So go on, click below. There might even be some tea and cake in it for you…